REVIEW: Triumphant – Acoustic

Producer:  Triumphant Quartet   
Label:  Independent Release

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 The Triumphant Quartet releases some of the finest music in our industry.  Even their table products yield some great music; definitely above par from the norm.  This latest release is no different and features the same great singing we’ve become accustomed to, but with an acoustical twist.  These are mostly classics from the past, and while they don’t feature any stellar musical twists, they are stripped down to the bare necessities and basic instrumentation, with the vocals squarely our front.

The recording starts out with the familiar classic, “LIFE’S RAILWAY TO HEAVEN”, which sounds right at home with the instrumentation and feel of the recording.  The tempo slows down slightly for another classic, “GOD ON THE MOUNTAIN” and Scott does a great job with his interpretation of this favored tune.

I really loved hearing the Cathedrals classic, “I’M GONNA LIVE FOREVER” again.  They guys give this tune a classy performance before turning in a stellar performance on another Cathedrals classic, “WHO CAN DO ANYTHING?”, which features Eric.

The tempo picks up for the peppy, “I’M GONNA MOVE” before slowing back down for the Rusty Goodman classic, “HAD IT NOT BEEN”, which features Clayton.

David hits a home run with the quartet classic, “ABOVE THE MOON” (aka-Over the Moon) and is a highlight of the recording, as is the wonderful novelty tune, “WORE OUT”, which features an excellent (and comical) performance by Clayton.  It’s a highlight of the recording.

Eric renders a heartfelt performance on the Randy Travis hit, “THREE WOODEN CROSSES” before David steps back up to sing the Kingsmen classic, “HE’S ALL I NEED”, before rounding things out with the classic and thought provoking, “WITHOUT HIM”.

This is a nice departure from slick arrangements, heavy orchestrations (which I love) and overly used stacks that is so prevalent in our music today.  Not every group could pull off a recording like this, but this is a triumph for Triumphant Quartet.  Fans of the group will thoroughly enjoy this recording as it offers some great songs, with basic acoustic instrumentation.

Track Listing: (stars denote personal favorites)

1 – Life’s Railway to Heaven**
2 – God on the Mountain
3 – I’m Gonna Live Forever**
4 – Who Can Do Anything?**
5 – I’m Gonna Move
6 – Had it not Been
7 – Above the Moon (aka-Over the Moon)**
8 – Wore Out**
9 – Three Wooden Crosses**
10-He’s All I Need
11-Without Him

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James Hales

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