REVIEW: Tribute Quartet – Quartet Tribute, Vol. 2

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Record Label: Daywind Records

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I grew up in the time when Southern Gospel male quartets could be heard on the radio constantly or in concert in many churches.  The smooth blend of lead, bass, baritone and tenor was so great to hear.  Combine that with the great sound of a talented pianist accompanying them and you had a wonderful musical experience with great messages in the song.

Today we are still blessed with male quartets that bring that same tight four part harmony.  One such group is Tribute Quartet.  The group consisting of Gary Casto, Josh Singletary, Gus Gaches and this new recording featuring new bass vocalist Ian Owens is one of my favorite groups since the first time I heard them.  Their latest release is entitled Quartet Tribute, Vol. 2, which follows the very well received volume one.  Like the first one, this project pays tribute to the great male quartets of my youth and some of the great songs written during that time. 

This project starts with the very upbeat “Go Right Out” written by the great Alfred Brumley.  This song was first recorded by the Florida Boys and features the bass voice of Ian Owens.  Like a lot of gospel listeners, I love the deep, smooth sound of a great bass and Ian knocks this out of the park.

Next comes a song originally recorded in early 1960’s by the Blue Ridge Quartet, “Happy Tracks”.   What a great message it gives us about our Christian walk and how we can have that happiness we seek.  Josh Singletary solos the verses on another upbeat, peppy song which was a standard for the old style groups.

The tenor voice of Gus Gaches is featured on the next song, “Not My Will”.   How peaceful it is for us when we give up our will and let God lead.   The lead singer, Gary Casto, steps up on, “That Heavenly Home”  which is the first of the project’s talk of heaven and how wonderful it will be.

Tribute’s radio single comes next and continues the rejoicing of heaven with the Squire Parsons’ “I Call It Home”.    I have to say that this is my favorite song on this project.  Josh Singletary’s vocals and his tremendous piano makes this version of Squire’s song a modern classic besides already being one of the all time quartet favorites.

In 1963 the Prospects Quartet’s pianist, Joe Moscheo wrote the next song, “Someday”.  This song of hope of heaven has been recorded by many groups since then and Tribute continues that legacy with a stirring rendition of their own of this classic.

Gus Gaches is featured on “Sinner’s Plea” which is what we all do to come before Christ.   Next comes a song from the pen of the greatest bass ever, J. D. Sumner.  J.D. and the Stamps Quartet were the first to record, “Living on the Sunny Side”.  Anthony takes J.D’s part and once again knocks it out of the park and then Gus takes over on the second verse.  The group presents this song in a style that J.D. would be proud of.

Groups like the Homeland Harmony Quartet and the LeFevres have recorded the next song entitled “Must I Go and Empty Handed”, an old-time hymn that remind us that we will see God  by ourselves and with nothing else.     The final song on the project is a song written by Tim Hill called “The Spirit Will Come Down and features Gary Casto.  It is a fitting song to end the project with a great promise for all of us.

This is surely going to be another tremendous project for this classic Southern Gospel quartet and I am looking forward to a possible third Quartet Classic recording from them.  

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