An Anchor – Paula Hill

Paula HillAn Anchor This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil (Hebrews 6:19). I was on a much needed rest with my husband, and we had a room with a balcony overlooking the ocean. As I was sitting outside reading, I noticed across the way there was a massive ferry that was being loaded with vehicles. When I say a ferry, I don’t mean a boat, this ferry was as big as a small ship. I’ve never seen one that large and the vehicles driving inside it were eighteenwheelers and all kinds of large trucks, as well as cars. One after the other, they drove inside until I lost count. Each one looked small and insignificant in comparison to the size of the ferry. The waves and the wind were extremely boisterous, and I remember thinking how heavy and strong the two giant anchors were on the front of that ship to keep it from drifting. It didn’t budge, for the anchors on the front were strong enough that all the back of the ship needed were big strong ropes to keep it secured to the dock. Then when they were ready to leave, they retracted the anchors and loosed the ropes. The ferry did a circle and headed to open waters toward its destination. As I sat there lost in the moment for I don’t know how long, observing this process, it reminded me that sometimes we can get to the place in our thinking we feel like we are big enough and strong enough to control our own lives and destinies to the point we become like that big ferry. I realize without someone steering that boat, it would be at the mercy of rough seas and strong GRACE NOTES 21 winds with no particular direction and no anchors to hold it in its position. But just as surely as I knew when I was watching the ferry turn around that someone was somewhere in an unseen part of that vessel behind a steering mechanism guiding every movement, so I know God is in the life of every individual who will allow Him to be in charge. When we need an anchor during times of rough waters, God will be that anchor. He knows when we need to change direction and when we need to hold still. I also noticed something else: as the ferry was taking on its cargo of vehicles, it never sank lower down into the water. Because of its buoyancy, it stayed at the same level as it was when it was empty. In our lives, no matter how much we feel like we have to “take on,” it’s never too much for our heavenly Father to keep us secure and anchored in the harbor. No need to worry about drifting from His view or being lost in the winds and the waves. He is our security. He’ll never cut us loose and set us adrift. Praise God! P

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