God Opens His Hand to Us – Melinda Maness

Paula HillGod Opens His Hand to Us You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing (Psalm 145:16). When I read this verse, I think of a game we play with our children. You will know the game I am talking about I’m sure. It’s the “guess which hand game” where you put a small prize in one hand and then hold out both hands and the child has to guess which hand contains the prize.

It’s such a simple game, but it can entertain a young child for a significant amount of time. I can’t help but smile when a child chooses the correct hand and their face lights up with joy and amazement. In that moment, what they desire most is to guess the correct hand so they can acquire that prize. How easy it is for us to just open our hand and at least for the moment make them happy.

Although we have bigger hopes and desires now that we are grown, it is nice to know that God will simply open His hand to us. He can satisfy the desires of our hearts in one swift motion. Just like the children’s game, we can stand with joy and amazement at the gifts our father chooses to give us.

The only difference is that gifts from God don’t have to be won in a child’s game, they are freely given.

Melinda Maness  is the daughter of Dr. Tim and Paula Hill.

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