Darrell and Brenda Marshall

The Marshalls Release New Radio Single.

We are so excited about the release of our RADIO SINGLE on Patterson Promotions Volume 24. entitled “You Don’t Know Me Til You Need Me”

It is be available for downloads by DJ’s from Patterson Promotion website www.pattersonpromotions.com


We pray it blesses you.  It’s a great song with an  “on-time” message.  You may also  web page at www.marshallministry.net

Darrell & Brenda Marshall

Darrell and Brenda Marshall are dedicated to taking the gospel to the world in Song. They combine their faith and talent to deliver the message of hope to their audiences across the nation. Attending one of their concerts is like attending a church service. Each song is delivered with conviction and great harmony . Darrell is destined to make his way in southern gospel music as a great singer. His voice is smooth, enlightening and easy to listen to. He’s been referred to as a “gospel crooner” compared to such voices as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. His singing leaves you wanting more.
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