REVIEW: Lenny Smith – You Are My Hiding Place

Producer: Daniel P. Smith
Record Label: Great Comfort Records

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This project starts off with, “Teach Me, My God”. It has a very old school, 60s-70s type feel to it. He has children singing the chorus with him, which makes it sound like something from a kid’s album, almost like a Bible school song. It is followed by, “Ho! Everyone Who Thirsts”. This one has a beachy feel. “There Is A River” keeps that same feel. “You Are My Hiding Place” and “You Are A Good Shepherd” are next.

“Who Is This One” slows things down a little bit. “City, O City” talks about the city of God. Next up is “Eyes Have Not Seen”. “Ask Me Not To Leave You” starts off different but picks up that same groove as the rest of the songs. “Tell Me, O You” picks the pace back up a little. “All Things Work Together For Good” and “With All My Heart” are the last two songs on the album. It sounds like children sang on this whole album with him.

The whole style of this CD is a mix between the Beach Boys and the Beatles. It is very outdated, not that I don’t like that style of music. I’m just not really sure what genre this is. The whole thing sounds like a children’s album from the hippy era. It’s very unique, to say the least. Unfortunately, all the songs sound the same. However, the message in the songs are good.

Track Listing:

Teach Me, My God
Ho! Everyone Who Thirsts
There Is a River
You Are My Hiding Place
You Are a Good Shepherd
Who Is This One?
City, O City
Eyes Have Not Seen
Ask Me Not to Leave You
Tell Me, O You
All Things Work Together For Good
With All My Heart

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Victoria Bowlin

Victoria is a powerful singer, songwriter, author, and Faith-Inspired speaker who gives encouragement and hope through music and personal testimonies. Originally from West Columbia, SC, Victoria's background includes extensive singing and traveling full time with her family, The Shireys and participating in tent revivals held by her late Grandmother, Evangelist Mamie L. Clark. Through deliverance from a serious depression and multiple healings, God is using her testimony to reach countless people.
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