Prayers For The Perrys – Update from Libbi Perry Stuffle

Libbi Stuffle posted the following update on her Facebook page:

Tracy Stuffle Update: 2/3/18

Where do I even begin with this update?!?!?

My heart is soooo torn into pieces right now. On Monday evening Tracy had a massive grand mal seizure. He was taken to a near by hospital where he seized for over an hour. A 10 or 12 team of drs and nurses worked on him for 2 hours to get him stable before transporting him to Centennial Hospital in Nashville. All beds were full at St Thomas Midtown where he normally goes. When transported to Centennial another set of drs and nurses worked on him and ran numerous tests on him. He was immediately put in ICU on a ventilator, Tracy was at that time was unresponsive. Drs have worked with him for the past 5 days doing everything they can to get him to respond in some way. But, nothing has worked. We (me, Jared and Tracy’s dad George) have made the decision to take Tracy off the ventilator today around 1PM cst. Drs feel that Tracy’s life would be as it is now if left on the vent. Y’all know me, I have fought tooth and toenail for my man over the past 5 years!! I made him a promise 5 years ago when he came home from having the stroke that I would carry him on my back if that’s what it took to give him a life he deserved. I have tried with every fiber within me to do just that!!! I can’t even start to imagine my life, our lives without him!!!! We have fought soooo many storms of life together. For 25 years it was just me and him, living life and Lovin it. Then God blessed us with the most incredible son, then we became the three stooges in life!!!! Always living life to its fullest! Tracy always wanted to have a little girl, so God sent Lindsey to our family as Jared’s wife. Tracy was beyond thrilled!! He finally got his little girl!! He loved and adored her sooooo much and told her so!! We became the fabulous 4 ( well 7 counting the fur babies)! We have leaned on each other in the good times and bad! Now………….our lives are fixing to change again…………….but, without our main man, my husband, JK and Lindsey’s dad.

Y’all our extended family have been soooo incredible to hold us up before God, can I ask you again to please, please, please hold us up in these next few days and in the days ahead of us?!?!? My faith and trust in Jesus is still as strong as ever!!! We pray His will and not ours!!! God has been incredible to us in the past 5 years, and I know He will give us grace, comfort and mercy through this season in our lives!!

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