Victoria Bowlin and Husband Aaron Involved in Near Head-On Collision

PURLEAR, N.C.- (March 19, 2018) – 65/40 Recording artist Victoria Bowlin and her husband, evangelist Aaron Bowlin, were recently involved in a near head-on collision recently.

Victoria said, “I just want to thank God for His protection! We were around exit 148 on I-20 W in Alabama, only 45 mins from our hotel that evening, when a drunk driver was driving about 70 miles an hour straight towards us on the wrong side of the six-lane interstate. Aaron swerved just in time, missing a head on collision with this car. The car then hit the truck behind us, sending both of them spinning down the interstate and down an embankment behind us, and we pulled off immediately. My valiant husband jumped out of the car and ran to check on the guy that had just wrecked behind us, while I called 911. The drunk lady missed us by inches in the front, and the truck behind us missed us by inches in the back. I absolutely believe that God had an Angel in front of us and one behind, protecting us. The wreck wound up involving multiple cars. Thankfully, only one was injured. They had to pry his door open to get him out and took him away in an ambulance. He was hurt but okay. Be in prayer for him. This is why it’s so important not to drink and drive. Things could have been a lot worse and ended in a much different way. I’m so thankful that God is in control, and we were able to walk away without a scratch on us or our vehicle. Praise the Lord!”

Victoria and Aaron were shaken but not hurt. The duo was able to keep all dates on their itinerary.

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