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Kelly Bowling is one of the most down to earth, genuine people you will ever meet. There is nothing pretentious about her. She knows where she came from, is humble about all of the success and accolades her family has achieved yet remains faithful and steadfast to the Call of God on her life as a wife, Mom, and minister of The Gospel.

Well over a decade ago, after many years of traveling with her family and being at the top of southern gospel radio with countless number 1 hits, packed concerts and thousands of fans,  Kelly stepped off the Crabb Family bus and onto the Bowling Family Bus with her husband Mike and their 3 young daughters.

Fans will remember that in 2010 the Bowlings were in a terribly bus wreck that had them off the road and in serious physical shape for months. Fans and friends prayed, rallied to help them while Kelly’s Mother Kathy Crabb Hannah nursed them back to health.  God graciously spared this entire family’s life and the enemy’s plan was defeated by the purpose God has for them. I’ve heard Kelly say many times in response to the bus wreck “ the devil had a plan but God had a purpose.”

Today, those young daughters, Hope, Katelanne & Gracie are growing into beautiful young women who are extremely talented and anointed  and her husband Mike Bowling who is still one of the most celebrated  yet underrated vocalists in Gospel Music.

Chatting with Kelly is like chatting with your best friend – the girl next door. Kelly has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel like they matter and have a purpose.

We caught up recently by phone and had a great time discussing her crazy life and ministry.  The Bowling Family maintain a full tour schedule and Kelly also home school’s her 3 girls. So, you can imagine her life is full!

Take a peek into our conversation and learn more about this talented, humble and sweet lady!

Jennifer Wilkerson:  You guys have a big event coming up soon, tell us about Bowling Family Music Fest.

Kelly Bowling: May 3-5 at First Baptist Church in London, KY will be our Music Fest and Talent Search. It’s kind of like a homecoming for Mike, who calls London his hometown. We’re going to have church. The entire Crabb Family will be there, many other artists such as Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Isaacs, Karen Peck and New River, The Sneed Family, Aaron Wilburn and more will be there!  Tickets and more info Is available on our website www.bowlingfamilyonline.com

JW: Your girls, The Bowling Sisters released their first project last year and it’s fantastic. Is new music on the horizon? How are they growing as artists? You have to be so proud of them!

KB: Yes! No new music quite yet, but they are definitely in a growing season. It’s been fun to see how much they have grown and developed since their Aabum release concert a year ago. Watching them grow into true ministry and the anointing is like Miracle Grow!

JW: It’s been a bit since we’ve had a new Bowling Family project….can we expect one anytime soon?

KB: Yes! Song selection is about done and we’re cutting trax soon.  Expect a Fall release!

JW: You’ve been involved, with your family in the Stronger Conference that your Mom [Kathy Crabb Hannah] began a few years ago. I know this last one earlier this month was powerful by the reports I’ve read.  Give us a brief rundown of this event that’s really more like a movement.

KB: Well this one was probably the best one yet. They’ve all been great. But, we’ve been doing these for a few years now and have a few of these conferences under our belt, and it just seems like people came with an expectation. It was powerful. It’s like God smiled upon us all who were there to minister to, and I think that is because we’re all friends with one another. There is so much competition among women, so it was great to not see that in this.

JW: It’s kinda like coming full circle for your family with having Krystal and Edie a part, isn’t it?

KB: Absolutely! And to have Terah speaking, the shy girl who could barely answer questions or speak in our Crabb Family days. Yes, it’s definitely full circle.

JW: You’ve been given a lot of opportunities to speak at women’s events and conferences the last few years. Do you enjoy that? How did that come about?

KB: I always would testify during Crabb Family days and even before our bus accident, but the wreck changed me. It made me bolder. Changed my perspective.  I love speaking. I love singing, too. I guess I love both!

JW: Ok, so, Mike Bowling, your husband is so talented and folks wanna know, what’s it like traveling day after day with him?

KB: It’s never boring! With 3 girls and Mike we really could be a reality show. He’s a mess in the best way. We make each other laugh!

JW: What’s your favorite Bowling Family song to sing each night?

KB: “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master”

JW: Crabb Family days song?

KB: “Through the Fire” or “Shepherd’s Call”

JW: Favorite Dessert?

KB: Carrot Cake or a Chocolate Covered Donut

JW: Favorite Restaurant?

KB: Morton’s

JW: Favorite Store?

KB: Sephora

JW: Favorite Color

KB: Green

JW: Favorite Artist to listen to?

KB: The Isaacs, CeCe Winans

JB: What’s your one take-away you want fans to leave your concerts and conferences with?

KB: Hope! God is enough. You are loved. He is more than enough and you will get thru no matter what you’re facing.

To schedule Kelly to speak at your conference or The Bowling Family or Bowling Sisters,  contact Beckie Simmons Agency www.bsaworld.com You can find Kelly and her family at www.bowlingfamilyonline.com and on Facebook.

Jennifer Wilkerson

Jennifer Wilkerson, recording artist, singer and speaker is a preacher’s daughter from Illinois, and has spent her life in ministry. She studied Music and Education at Olivet Nazarene University and has been a school teacher, worship leader, background vocalist, worked in the music industry in various capacities and also sung with such southern gospel groups as The Chuck Wagon Gang, and McMillan and Life. Jennifer married Dr. Bob Wilkerson in October 2009 and had twin daughters in 2015.
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