Rodney Griffin Shares The Story Behind The Song- “Jesus Loves You” Sung by The Mylon Hayes Family

"Jesus Loves You" Is the Newest Radio Release From The Mylon Hayes Family off of their "Steady and Sure" Album, Song is written by Rodney Griffin and Tony Wood.

This is C.W. Gay, of Lancaster, KY.  His ministry is to paint homemade, wooden signs about Jesus and to place them in his front yard for passing cars to see.  As they begin to weather, he replaces them with freshly painted ones with different messages…usually every month.  He was inspired 25 years ago to start doing this when he saw some inspirational signs on roadsides in rural Kentucky placed by the late Evangelist Dewey Cooper.  He thought, “I can do that”.

A couple of years ago, I was driving my pickup truck home to Mt. Vernon from Lexington, KY.  I decided to take the 2-lane, country route home, instead of the interstate.  As I approached Lancaster, I noticed this little hand-painted sign on my left in a front yard with the most simple, yet profound message, “Jesus Loves You”.

I was both convicted and blessed as I drove by that day.  You see, C.W.’s home isn’t big and fancy.  Just very simple.  And to think that someone who perhaps hadn’t gotten to enjoy many of the “extras” of life like so many of us have, was so unapologetically unashamed of the Gospel, well…it moved me.

I knew I had to write, “Jesus Loves You” and tell the story of this sign in the song.

I contacted songwriting friend, Tony Wood and told him what I’d seen and how it had touched me so deeply.  Tony is so prolific in storytelling.  I felt he was the one I was to write this song with.  After weeks of tweaks, we finally finished the song.  I pitched it to The Mylon Hayes Family and they recorded it on their new project, “Steady And Sure”.

The Mylon Hayes Family

I knew someday that I would have to go back and try to meet whoever this was that had inspired this song.  Maybe it would bless them to know they’d made a difference.

And that happened today.

I drove back to Lancaster this afternoon, pulled into the driveway, and found this quiet humble servant of God sitting in the shade…reading his Bible.  I couldn’t help but smile.

I introduced myself and told him how one of his signs a couple of years ago had blessed me so much…and had inspired me to write a song, and was being sung by a family based out of North Carolina.  He was delighted.

For the next several minutes, he told me about what had inspired his ministry…how he wasn’t gifted to be a preacher, or a traveling missionary, but still yearned to share his love for Jesus with everyone…the best way he could think of.  I thanked him for making such an impact in his community and for being unashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

I gave him the CD with this song on it, and he responded, “Are you sure I can’t pay you anything for this?”.  Absolutely not, my friend.  What a gift YOU are.  Your rewards in heaven will reveal just how much of a difference you are making…with no applause…only the sound passing cars….while God does the work.

And isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Maybe you feel like C.W…Unqualified to do what you feel are great things for God.  I hope his story inspires you to go and make a difference…in your way…with your opportunities.

Thank you, Evangelist Dewey Cooper…someday you’ll get to meet C.W. Gay and he can thank you for inspiring him all these years to keep on painting those signs.

Thank you, C.W. Gay.  You make me want to live for Jesus.

“But now hath God set the members, every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased Him”.  1 Corinthians 12:18

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