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“Still to Come” illuminates the hope of The Voice winner Todd Tilghman

FOR RELEASE JULY 14, 2023 — Todd Tilghman, winner of season 18 of The Voice, is sharing his personal hope with the world through “Still to Come.” The new single is streaming everywhere starting July 14 at


“So many songs, across genres, have been written about mountains, and mountaintops, and climbing the mountains,” the soulful country singer explains. “In ‘Still to Come,’ I hope to convey that it’s always better on the other side. I wish I could show you. But we can’t see the other side of the mountain without the climb.”


That concept is captured throughout the deeply moving lyrics:


It’s not that I’m afraid the storm will last

It’s the things that might be lost along its path.


Todd reflects on those lines, “No circumstance lasts forever. I understand that. My concern was what life would look like when the storm was over. What’s the cost? But ultimately, the glory far outweighs the initial price.”


The single continues The Voice winner’s trend of consistently releasing heartfelt songs about his personal journey, his family and his deeply-held faith. It follows “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and “Dig My Grave,” both of which released earlier this year. As all of his 2023 releases prove, he’s not one to shy away from personal disclosure for the sake of connecting with listeners.


“I originally wrote ‘Still to Come’ on the heels of one of the most devastating times in my life,” Todd Tilghman admits. “I wasn’t so concerned with whether or not I’d get through it— I just really wondered how. I hung on to the scriptures: our suffering is light and temporary, and it’s working for us an eternal weight of glory. The suffering we face now is nothing compared to the glory that is still to come.”


Stream “Still to Come” on the platform of your choice at Learn more about Todd Tilghman at

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