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An Encouraging Word: Bev McCann- “Love Like Jesus”

February 2024

Absolutely Gospel’s President, Bev McCann

A Note from Bev,

Have you ever just looked at a field of freshly dropped snow? How when the sun glistens down on the newly fallen snow, it is a beautiful site… I think it makes for a beautiful picture of what our hearts look like after we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives.

He gives us that shine of His holy spirit when God so gently takes us and makes us new. His words say we will be white as snow.  He is the light and when His light shines on us then we shine for him, and we sparkle like the new fallen snow…

Are you shining for Jesus or has your heart gotten dirty with the things of this life and the compromises we have allowed in our lives?  Just a thought that came rushing over me as I was thinking of the year ahead of me.  I love the Lord and I love my life, my husband, my kids, and grandkids.  But Jesus must be our favorite Valentine.  As I remember looking out my kitchen window at the sun glistening over the snow in my front yard before anyone walked through it or the dirt started to show through…. It is such a beautiful scene, and it reminds me that Jesus wants us to allow him to cleanse us every day just so we can have that fresh and shiny look of his glory shining through our lives. Will you allow Jesus to be your Valentine?

  Be Blessed this month for it is the month of Love.  God has given us the greatest gift of Love. Share that love with someone you know who needs to know that somebody cares and loves them.  Let your light shine this month and every month after, let the Love of Jesus shine through you so that you will be a blessing…

On a different note….  Make sure you take good care of that one who puts up with you every day in the good times and the bad. Make it a good month, and show the Love of your life how much he or she means to you and how much you love them. Make sure that next to God they take the #1 spot in your life and your heart. We should put their needs before our own.  YES!!! I know that is hard to do sometimes. but it should not be that hard if you truly LOVE them.  If you are lacking in this area. then get down before God and ask him to restore your love for each other, don’t take the easy way out and think the grass is greener on the other side… because you might be sadly mistaken.  It is the same grass just a different field…   So with all that, go out and buy a rose (for it might be rather hard to pick one this time of year) and some Candy and give it to the one you love… with a great big KISS!

Thank you to all y’all that take time to read our devotionals.

I love ya all…  Don’t forget to Share the Love of Jesus

Bev McCann, CEO AGM

Bev McCann

Serving on the boards of the USAGEM, as well, as MCCF and ACCMA has been a blessing to my life. I feel that God has used these organizations to help me further his calling in my life. I am a Wife, Mother, and grandmother of a beautiful family. We have 17 grandchildren all together. I am loved by a wonderful husband and my family. I / We are truly blessed. Do we have our issues or problems, we sure do, but through the Grace of God we are overcomers and victorious. I was raised in church my whole life and started working in the church in one way or another at about 17 yrs old. I knew when I was around 13 that I would be working with kids and who knew what else. I always dreamed of singing and traveling but I never thought I would get to do what I do. It is just amazing at times. Over the years God has healed me, helped me forgive, and live a Victorious life through our Lord Jesus Christ. See sometimes you never know what someone has gone through, just because they are happy and seem to be free-spirited, we never know the hurt God has healed and brought them through. I am thankful that God saw fit to help me through the years I struggled, but I am ever so thankful he gave me freedom of the past and a blessed and joyful victorious life through Christ.
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