There’s a King In The Kid – Dr. Tim Hill

Dr. Tim Hill Director of Missions for the Church of God
Dr. Tim Hill
Director of Missions for the Church of God

 1 Samuel 16:13: “Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed David in the midst of his brethren. And the Spirit of the Lord came upon him from that day forward.

Who could have imagined it?

David … a King?

Hard to believe while watching David tend sheep or slinging rocks at a target. He doesn’t seem to possess the class or even carry the cultural finesse that one would expect in a king. After all, David had seven brothers who were more handsome, talented, and qualified. He should enjoy his childhood, go to school, mind his own business, and leave “king things” to others. How can David ever move beyond being a shepherd boy anyway?

Anyone ever size you up that way when you were younger? Maybe it happened even more recently. Or, just maybe, you are the one passing that opinion and judgment on to someone in your neighborhood or church or … in your own house.

Have you yet seen the talent in that child of yours taking piano lessons?

Have you seen the potential in the little boy or girl that has a penchant for science or math at school?

That young person wearing the funny pants and sporting the odd hairstyle may be trying to “fit in,” but when you’re not looking, they’re reading their Bible, bowing their head in prayer, and seeking an opportunity to serve the Lord. Truth is, there’s a King in that kid!

David’s dad didn’t see it in him. His own brothers missed it by a thousand miles. King Saul didn’t want to believe it. None of that was important, though. God saw “kingness” in him and that’s all that mattered.

How does it happen?

How does a kid become a king?

He takes care of present responsibilities with commitment, even if it’s a flock of sheep.

He never runs from a challenge, but grows in experience with every bear, lion, and giant that he conquers.

Finally, he patiently waits for his coronation, knowing there is a time and season for every purpose that God has designed.

You are a king-in-waiting. Ignore the naysayers and their negative assessment of you and your gifts.

There’s a king in you! Keep preparing for your season and be ready when it comes.

There’s a king in you! Be faithful with what you have been given, and anticipate God’s next promotion in your life, because it will come sooner than you, and maybe everyone else, can believe.

Tim Hill

Dr Timothy Hill

Dr. Timothy Hill currently serves as General Overseer of the Church of God. He has also served as the general director of World Missions; First Assistant General Overseer; Second Assistant General Overseer; Secretary General of the Executive Committee at the International Offices of the Church of God; Chairman of the Executive Council of the Church of God; and as Administrative Bishop for the Church of God in Southern Ohio and Oklahoma. Hill graduated from Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1987, and received a Doctorate of Divinity from the Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Tennessee, in 2006. Hill has released a book entitled, “Beyond the Mist,” which has also been translated into Spanish. He has authored five books of sermons and written 150 gospel songs over the past 32 years. Many of his songs have been recorded by the nation’s top artists in gospel music. Hill is the author of the number one song, “He’s Still in the Fire,” which was voted as Song of the Year by Gospel Voice Magazine.
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