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AGM Editor-in-Chief Chris Unthank got a chance to talk with Jared Stuffle, bass singer for The Perrys. Learn more about this great singer in this candid Q&A!

Chris Unthank: For the few who might not know who you are, share your background with the music industry to our readers.

Jared Stuffle: Well I’ve been traveling since I was two weeks old with my parents who are Tracy and Libbi Stuffle of the Perrys. Over the years, I’ve slowly worked my way from handling all of our merchandise to running sound. As of two years ago, I started singing which I thought would never happen, but I’ve come to realize sometimes God has a much bigger plan than you have for yourself!

CU: Growing up on the road, what differences did you see in your childhood from others who had a more traditional childhood?

JS: It was definitely a much faster paced childhood, because we are always on the go and had a lot less downtime. I loved it. That’s what I’ve known basically since I was born, so I don’t think looking back I could have handled a more traditional childhood, because I loved the fast pace of mine. I definitely couldn’t handle having a normal job now knowing how much I love doing what I do and traveling and seeing different people and different places every weekend.

CU: You recently had to step in and become the leader for your group while your father, Tracy, was recovering from his stroke and your mother stayed with him. How did that impact you as a music professional and on a personal level?

JS: It was a huge change for me. In one week I went from the 21 year old son who ran the sound and walked the dog to managing the group for nearly a year while both mom and dad were off the road. It definitely had its ups and downs, but it was a great life lesson and it’s helped me to have more of an understanding with the business side of things and also taught me some personal lessons too that helped me with just growing up in general.

CU: What’s the transition been like moving from an off-stage role to an on-stage roll?

JS: It’s been something that I didn’t think I would ever be comfortable with. I loved being behind the scenes and was very comfortable with an off-stage role. After two years of singing, I’m really starting to become more comfortable with it though, and that has a lot to do with the people around me on stage and on the bus helping me with the transition.

CU: What’s your typical week look like working for The Perrys?

JS: Well Mondays are my sleeping days! We are usually pretty tired after a weekend, so I try to make sure I don’t plan anything on Monday just so I can relax. Tuesday I start ordering our merchandise for the road and run some errands. Wednesday is usually when we leave out, so I have to pick up our merchandise and our clothes from the cleaners and run some last minute errands then it’s on to the bus. Thursday through Sunday is a series of unloading the bus and setting everything up, singing, tearing it all back down and loading it up, eating and then going to bed way too late!

CU: You recently got engaged. Tell us about that special person in your life!

JS: I could go on with this question for a while but I’ll try to spare you the boring details!

Lindsey and I met at a time that neither one of us was looking for a relationship and just had no interest in one, but it’s funny how God works sometimes! We met at her church and started texting the next day, and it was just kind of a tumbling effect from there on of realizing over time that wow I want to marry this person! She’s amazing, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her now! She also definitely has an interesting job as a fully licensed funeral director and embalmer, so there’s never a dull moment for stories when she gets off work.

CU: What can we expect from The Perrys in the near future?

JS: Well hopefully we will be going in the studio soon for a new album! We just released our first DVD in several years and also the first DVD I’ve ever been on so that’s exciting. However, I would say in the next few months there’s a good chance you will hear about a new album coming hopefully!

CU: What advice would you have for a young adult who is desiring to make a career in Southern Gospel music?

JS: I would tell them it’s a lot of hard work but it pays off in the end. You just have to keep working at it and never stop trying to become better at singing or whatever it may be that you’re wanting to do. Never get comfortable and always try to learn new things with it.

CU: What has God been teaching you lately?

Patience! A whole lot of patience! With planning a wedding and a marriage it’s definitely something you need, and I had very little of it but that’s slowly changing. And also everything works in God’s time. We may want things done sooner rather than later, but that might not be how he wants it so you have to wait. I’ve learned that with the situation with my dad and finding my future wife, just leave it to God and he will work it out in his time and how he sees fit.

You can learn more about Jared and all of The Perrys by visiting them online.f The Perrys by visiting them online.

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