REVIEW: Shadrix Trio – He Loves the Sinner

Producer: Jeremy Peace
Record Label: Peace Records

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From Northwest Georgia, The Shadrix Trio is an exciting and anointed ministry that has been traveling throughout the United States for the past 20 years. Compromised of group owner Barry Shadrix, Jud Hurst, and Dedra Henry, they have to be a main-stay in the Southern Gospel Arena. They have shared the stage with many of today’s top names in Southern Gospel Music. They appear regularly at churches, revivals, tv, radio, fairs, Christian Cruises, and various Southern Gospel Expos, including a annual Christmas Getaway they host in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee the first weekend in December.

This album opens with a great uptempo number featuring Barry – “I’m Going There” I love this track. It’s a great way to start off. It’s so good with its counterpart harmonies. It’s just a fun track! You’ll be toe tapping and maybe even clapping before the end of it. “God Always Has a Reason” is up next. The opening line, “Another prayer was answered with a no,” is such a great way to grab the listener. These are some fantastic lyrics featuring Dedra Henry and written by Deanna Faith York. Such a great song a definitely a must listen.

The title track “He Loves the Sinner” features Dedra Henry and was written along with fellow group member Jud Hurst. It is such a beautiful song. The message is timeless that no matter who you are or what you’ve done, you’re never beyond the reach of God’s love. “I Like the Promise” has become somewhat of classic written by Ronnie Hinson. Apart from The Hinsons, The Perrys, and 11th Hour have covered it through the years. The Shadrix Trio turns in a good performance of it. Uptempo songs are always good to set the pace and after two slower songs, it’s a great contrast.

“One More Time” is up next. When the first opening line is sung, I thought that Jud Hurst was country superstar Josh Turner. The vocal similarities are so evident. I really love this track as it has such a great message! “Even If I Stand Alone” is a timely message in such a polarized climate and day to day life we live in. This is a powerful lyric from Sandy Blythe. So good, you’ve got to listen to this one too! Sandy Blythe is a name synonymous with Southern Gospel.

“Jesus is Moving” is my favorite track on this album hands down! Dedra gives such a great delivery of this. Hearing the original from The Blythe Family, it sticks to the original and then that turn around, it’s such a great song. “He Embraced the Cross” has a chorus that sounds like a timeless hymn. It has some very strong lyrics, and its melody is soaring by the end. I love this one especially during Easter season. It’s a fantastic song! “Before the Storm is Through” is the closer to this fantastic album. It’s a beautiful lyric featuring Barry. I love the hook for this song: “What if the miracle comes, before the storm is through?” That’s some powerful stuff! No matter what we face, sometimes our answer comes before we even finish our trials. What a beautiful way to end this journey through these 9 songs.

I wasn’t as familiar with The Shadrix Trio when I first started listening to this album. However, by the end of it, I instantly became a fan! It’s always good to discover new music, and this offering from the Shadrix Trio is a great one! I can’t wait to hear more from them. There are some great songs here, and if you get a chance to listen to this album, you won’t be disappointed. 


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