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An Encouraging Word: Bev McCann – ” Prayer Is The Key!”

August, 2023

My goodness the summer is just about over and school is gearing up to start again, 

Moms, Fall break is not too far away!

I was going to talk about keeping God in the place in our lives that He deserves, then something changed my thoughts to add or just go a little deeper than I had intended this month. So, let’s see what God has in store for us.

I remember when our daughter was going into Jr. High and I was so concerned about this particular year.  She’ll be going to a bigger school with 700 plus kids, and our little country school just exploded.  I had to remember that God had his hand on our child and we had taught her the right way, but would she follow the leading of the holy spirit? Or would she wander off?  I know we all have these fears when our kids get to this age and even younger now.  We must teach our children the Godly values and the word of God so they can be strong when the time comes.  Especially in today’s world.  We as parents must stay in touch with all that is going on in our schools and be aware of the devils lingering and waiting for the chance to snag our innocent children.  We Mama and Papa Bears need to wake up and be ready to protect our children and stand up for our rights as parents and grandparents.

We need to be praying for God to unleash angels of protection for all of our children in our school system, to guard our children, and put God back into our schools.  This may seem like an impossibility to some of us, however, it only took one woman to take God out, I agree with our fellow Christians, that if we all pull together and make it a matter of prayer, God can be put back in our schools.  We serve a Great Big God; huh, I think there are a few songs about that.  So let us live what we sing,  Amen? 

Our God is more than able to make this happen.  Our children deserve to have a safe place to learn, and putting God back in our schools is the first step.  

Galatians 5: talks about Not becoming a slave to sinful things, but to serve in Love that will glorify our God.  We should not be critical of others and people in leadership, we need to cover them in love and prayer. We should strive to get involved if we think we can help make better decisions.  

Sometimes this causes us to get out of our comfort zone, and that is not as easy as we’d like it to be, but it is possible. God will give us the strength to do the things He has laid on our hearts to do.

Joshua 5: 13 and 6: tells us about the Angel / Commander of the army of the Lord …. If God will send the angels or the commander of the Lord’s army out to meet with Joshua to let him know that God had delivered Jericho to them, why should we think that God won’t come on the scene when we pray for our children and tear down the walls of sin and ungodly leadership?  

So, what is it that God is asking you to do? Or what has God laid on your heart to do?

I do hope you all will take this challenge to pray for our children and school leaders.  Let us pray for God to unleash His angels to surround our schools so that we will see a change in our cities and counties and most of all the children that are at risk in our country today.

Let us all bind together and see what God will do to turn our Country back to what our forefathers meant it to be.


Bev McCann

President, AGM

Bev McCann

Serving on the boards of the USAGEM, as well, as MCCF and ACCMA has been a blessing to my life. I feel that God has used these organizations to help me further his calling in my life. I am a Wife, Mother, and grandmother of a beautiful family. We have 17 grandchildren all together. I am loved by a wonderful husband and my family. I / We are truly blessed. Do we have our issues or problems, we sure do, but through the Grace of God we are overcomers and victorious. I was raised in church my whole life and started working in the church in one way or another at about 17 yrs old. I knew when I was around 13 that I would be working with kids and who knew what else. I always dreamed of singing and traveling but I never thought I would get to do what I do. It is just amazing at times. Over the years God has healed me, helped me forgive, and live a Victorious life through our Lord Jesus Christ. See sometimes you never know what someone has gone through, just because they are happy and seem to be free-spirited, we never know the hurt God has healed and brought them through. I am thankful that God saw fit to help me through the years I struggled, but I am ever so thankful he gave me freedom of the past and a blessed and joyful victorious life through Christ.
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