REVIEW: Tim Livingston – Inside Information

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Tim Livingston is from Dayton, OH and is no stranger to this industry.  He has more than 40 continuous years doing what he loves and was called to do. He is an award-winning artist and an accomplished songwriter.

Tim’s latest project is entitled “Inside Information”. This project has anointed lyrics and was recorded in Nashville, TN with some of the best musicians and back-up singers. From the first song to the last, I found the theme throughout this project deals with “grace”, this something that we could all use more of. It starts out with “Born Again” and says that by grace I’m living, God signed my pardon by dying for me. “Table Of The King” is Tim’s first release from this project and it is climbing on the charts. It let’s us know that we are covered by grace at the King’s table. The song “Make The Last Day Count” is a timely song for the times. It tells how we can make a difference in the things that we do, even the smallest deed doesn’t go unnoticed.

This project rolls on with “Heading Home”. We as Christians are looking forward to heading home to Heaven. ”I Give You Me” tells we may not have silver or gold to give but we can give ourselves to God and in turn, He will be all that we ever need. “What A Difference Grace Makes” keeps the theme going. The title cut “Inside Information” is an upbeat tempo tune and gives us His Word to tell everyone we know about Him.

Rounding out the project is another upbeat song “It Had To Be God”. He’s the one who is there for us and He always brings us through and when we look back, we just know it was God. What a great reminder that He is always there!  It slows back down with “When God Got To Me” and it tells how everything changes when He reaches out to us. Another peppy song “You Can’t Outrun” tells about the kind of love that comes from God and brings grace to us. The final song is a special cut of track #5 “Heading Home” but begins with preaching that leads into the song.

So, when you are feeling a little down with all the things that are going on around you, you just need to take a listen to this project from Tim Livingston. It will lift you up and let you know that God loves you. He is sending His grace down to help you get through all of the storms and challenges we face daily.

Pick up a copy of this project and add it to your collection today. You will be blessed!

Track Listing:

Born Again
Table Of The King
Make The Last Days Count
When You Said Peace
Heading Home
I Give You Me
What A Difference Grace Makes
Inside Information
It Had To Be God
When God Got To Me
You Can’t Outrun
Heading Home-Special Cut


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Carol Lawson

Carol Lawson has been actively involved in gospel music for over 30 years, working with many groups doing bookings and concert promotions. Carol was a gospel radio DJ for 9 years, and she previously wrote articles and concert reviews for CMP Magazine and SGImpact.
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